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A condom can be a barrier device very popular during sexual intercourse to cut back the probability regarding pregnancy and distribution of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. It is placed on a man’s erect penis and in physical form blocks ejaculated semen from entering the body of a sexual partner. Condoms may also be used for variety of other tasks such as for easy use in infertility treatment. Since condoms are water-resistant, elastic, and durable, they are also used for non-sexual purposes like creating waterproof microphones and protecting rifle barrels from clogging. In the present day, condoms are most often made from latex, but some are now made of other materials such as polyurethane, or part of the intestines of a lamb! A female condom is additionally available, often crafted from nitrile.
As a method of birth command, male condoms have the main benefit of being inexpensive, simple to operate, having few unwanted side effects, and offering security against sexually carried diseases. With proper information and applied correctly and used at every every time during intercourse women whose partners use condoms experience a 2% per-year maternity rate with perfect use along with a 15% per-year maternity rate with standard use.Condoms have been used for over four hundred years. During the nineteenth century, they have been just about the most popular method of contraception. While widely accepted today, condoms have generated some controversy, primarily over what role they need to play in sex education classes.

How to use a condom
Male condoms are usually packaged inside some sort of foil wrapper, in the rolled-up form, and are designed to be applied towards the tip of the penis after which it is unrolled over the erect penis. It is important that some room is left in the tip of the condom so that semen has a place to collect, otherwise it might be forced out of the base of the condom. After use, it is suggested the condom be wrapped in tissues or tied in the knot, then dumped.
Some couples find that putting on some sort of condom interrupts making love, although others incorporate condom application as part of their foreplay. Some women and men find the physical barrier of condoms dulls the sensations.The advantage of dulled sensation can be prolonged erection in addition to delayed ejaculation.The disadvantages might include a loss of sexual excitement. Advocates of using a condom make cite the benefits of condoms being reletively cheap, simple to use, and having few virtually no side effects.
Exactly what Male Condom?

The male condom, or “rubber, ” is a thin covering made of latex, plastic, or animal membrane that is rolled over a good erect penis. The covering prevents semen, the fluid made up of sperm, from entering into a woman’s vagina.

What are Male Condoms madefrom?

Most condoms are made of rubber called “latex. ” Latex condoms are the best condom at stopping STDs. Recently, condoms made of polyurethane (a kind of plastic) have become available. These are definitely more expensive than latex condoms and seem to break more easily. They are mainly useful for individuals that are allergic to latex. There may also be “natural” condoms, which are constructed with animal membranes (lamb intestines). These are expensive and although there’re effective at preventing pregnancy they cannot decrease the spread of the many sexually transmitted conditions.

What Types of condoms do Condom.ie have ?

Condoms come in every shape, size, and also different materials. Here are things to contemplate when buying condoms.

Measurement. The standard size will fit most men. Extra-large condoms can be purchased, as well seeing that “snug” sizes which might be a little more compact and fit tighter than the standard size.
Condition. Some condoms have a nipple in the conclusion to hold the fluid in the event the man ejaculates. Others use a rounded end.
Thickness. Extra-strength condoms can be purchased. These are stronger and are especially useful for rectal sex and also for men who go through condom breakage. Extra thin condoms are available, but these include not recommended because they may break quicker.
Lubrication. Many condoms arrive pre-lubricated. This lubrication generally is a substance that wipes out sperm (spermicide) many disease-causing germs. Lubrication can provide some extra defense in preventing pregnancy, especially if your condom breaks. Lubricated condoms taste bad and are not recommended for oral sex.
Flavour. These condoms are for the male to wear when having oral sex. They may be not lubricated and possess a mild flavor (usually mint).
Colours. Condoms come in most colours. The colour of the condom doesn’t ensure it is any essentially effective.
When Should a male Use a Condom?

A person should wear a condom any time he inserts his penis in to the body of another individual, if there can be even the smallest risk that both person has a sexually transmitted disease. Men can frequently get infected with STDs at any time and also after receiving oral sex, so a condom must be worn then, as well. The condom must be put on before there is any contact, and should be removed and discarded promptly after the person has ejaculated.

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